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Wireless Data Transfer Torque Wrench and Receiver

  • Transfer torque data by wireless transmission
    Basic click type torque wrench records actual applied torque and sends data wireless to receiver box which is connected to PLC and or PC
  • Torque Data Management
    Control data by registered serial number and work-section to prevent missed-tightening.
  • Suitable for assembling operation
    Robust click type torque wrench is ideal for quick paced assembly work.
  • OK-NG judgment conveniently located on wrench transmitter module
    Bi-directional communication allows the user to check OK_NG judgment on the torque wrench.
  • Easy transmitter/receiver set up
    Wirelessly setup communication between wrench and the receiver through optional accessory Model SB-FH256, Setting Box.
  • Use of the universal 2.4GHz frequency band (ISM band)
    The FHD(S) model meets various standards such as FCC in North America, IC in Canada, R&TTE in EC and TELEC in Japan

FHDS - Wireless Data Torque Wrench

  • Robust casing with judgment lights and power switch
  • Captures torque data but user cannot view; data sent to R-FHD256 Receiver Box and output for data collection.
  • Easy access battery case
  • Up to 24hrs use on one charge
Wireless Data Torque Wrench FHDS
Basic Wrench Model CSPFHDS


FHD - Wireless Data Torque Wrench with Display

  • LED Display Version
Wireless Data Torque Wrench with Display FHD
Wrench Model with Display CSPFHD

Receiver Box with Torque Display

  • LED Display
  • Pivoting Antenna
  • RS232C Output
  • 10 Pin Interlock Connector
  • Ability to capture data from multiple wrenches

Setting Box required to set torque values:

Model : SB-FH256 for FHD

(differs from standard version)
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Setting Box SB-FH256 SB-FH256
ControllerSetting Box


Basic Wrench Model Torque Range Max
Hand Force
Min.-Max. N mm mm kg
S.I. Metric American


125 200 213


CSPFHDS50N3X12D 10~50 100-500 100-400 239 209 215 0.435
CSPFHDS100N3X15D 20~100 200-1000 100-750 343 292 291 0.585
CSPFHDS140N3X15D 30~140 300-1400 300-1200 400 350 349 0.685
CSPFHDS200N3X19D 40~200 400-2000 300-1600 449 445 424 1.135
CSPFHDS280N3X22D 40~280 kgf.m
300-3000 424 660 622 1.535
CSPFHDS420N3X22D 60~420 6-42 600-3600 442 950 918 2.835
  Note: Remove "S" from model name to request model with display  
Type of system Data transfer torque management system
Purpose Establish bolt-tightening traceability
(with torque judgement (low/over) functions)
Application Ideal for torque verification assembly processes
Frequency 2.402GHz - 2.479GHz (1MHz interval)
Communication method Frequency hopping spread spectrum
Communication direction Duplex (transmitter ⇔ receiver)
Duplex (receiver ⇔ PLC, Tohnichi software)
No. of channels 256 group (incl. 5ch in each group)
Change of channels & ID Transmitter: Variable via wireless (from software/setting box)
Receiver: Variable via wireless (from software/setting box)
No. of ID 3 digits (numeric): 1,000
7 digits (alpha-numeric): over 78 billions
Antenna Built-in (Chip antenna)
Case material Aluminum
Battery DC1.5V nickel hydride battery, 2pcs
Battery life Over 18,000 shots
Communication distance Approx. 20m
Radio law approval TELEC (Japan), FCC (USA), IC (Canada), CE (EU), SRRC (China), SIRIM (Malaysia), DGPT (Indonesia), NTC (Thailand), WPC (India), R&TTE (Europe)
Option Setting box (SB-FH256)

1. Consult with Tohnichi sales department prior to purchase for details on data output information.
2. Protective cover available for transmitter. Contact Tohnichi for further information.
3. Tohnichi has acquired wireless certifications for USA, Canada, and various countries worldwide. Please contact Tohnichi for confirmation of your country's wireless certification