Torque conversion

TT2000 Tension Meter

Digital Digital Reading


  • Ultrasonic bolt tension meter capable of visualizing change in bolt tension without breaking bolts.
  • Japanese-language display on large, easy-to-read color screen.
  • Simple operation using dialogue-style data input method.
  • Compact and light weight. Portable for use at the work site.
  • Portable battery available as option.
  • Variety of functions, overlapping of wave pattern and wave detection change are available for measurements with high reliability.
  • Simplified bolt dimension will be displayed in graphic with input values expressed in red.
  • Bi-directional communication with PC for data creation, and measured value backup. (* Note: Except TT2000)
  • Hex-head cap screws can be tested by optional specially made sensor.
  • We also supply a special English text display model.
  • Can also be used at development and manufacturing sites outside Japan.


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