Torque conversion

AUR Power Torque Screwdriver

RoHS Assembly Pistol Type Pneumatic Graduation Trigger Re-chargeable


  • High speed and high torque, with graduation.
  • High speed tightening with trigger activated precision torque.
  • Torque setting is easy to adjust by knob and scale.
  • Torque remains stable regardless of fluctuations in air pressure.
  • Small reaction force when set torque is reached.
  • LS version available with limit switch, which creates tightening assurance system when used with CNA-4mk3 count checker.
  • Becomes a Pokayoke (error-proofing) system when used with CNA-4mk3 (sold separately).

Standard accessories

  1. Torque Adjusting key
  2. M3 HEX key
  3. Support Handle (for AUR(LS)25N)
  4. W12 Open Ended Wrench (for AUR(LS)25N).


product dimensions AUR(LS)12.5N, 25N product dimensions AUR(LS)5N

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