Torque conversion

CNA-4mk3 Count Checker

RoHS Prevents human tightening errors (Pokayoke) Digital LS Signal Input Judgement


  • Count checker to prevent missed tightening.
  • Can be connected to LS (Limit Switch) torque wrenches for count management.
  • Up to four LS torque wrenches can be connected, and each can be set with a different number of bolts to tighten. So up to four operators can perform tightening tasks at the same time.
  • From one unit, the numbers of four different types of bolts to be tightened can be set.
  • Bolt counting can be set 0-99 pcs for each torque wrench, and count down upon receiving a signal.
  • OK/NG judgement signal can be transferred to external device through relay output.
  • Connected with LS type torque wrenches (sold separately), CNA4-mk3 establishes error-proofing system.


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