Remote Signal Torque Wrench

  • 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Multiple Wrench to One Receiver Capabilities*
  • Robust Aluminum Case with Easy Battery Access (uses 1 AAA Battery)
  • Antenna-less Transmitter Module
  • FHSS Technology decreases interference and increases signal capacity
  • Transmission Distance 10-20 Meters (30-60 Feet)
  • Communication Transmission Confirmation Light
  • Easily change frequency with SB-FH256 Controller Box (Sold Separately)
  • Available in various torque wrench style options
    • Recommended CSP Preset Interchangeable Head Style ( This version stocked in USA)
  • New "-AR" version features upgraded antenna cover for increased durability and stronger signal
    • Configuration of antenna cover is now opposite for increased durability
    • Antenna cover material improved for increased signal strength and durability
    • All external labeling removed and now all information is etched onto the casing
FH256MC RF Wirless Torque Error Proofing System  
pdf Operating Instructions
SB-FH256 Setting Box I?O-FH256  
T-FH256MC-AR: FM Transmitter Module (Refer to Note2)
R-FH256: FM Receiver
SB-FH256: ControllerSetting Box (Optional)
I/O-FH256: Attachment for R-FH256 (Optional)
Type Model Name Description
Preset Ratchet Head
QSPFH25N3-AR FH Torque Wrench
QSPFH50N3-AR FH Torque Wrench
QSPFH100N4-AR FHTorque Wrench
QSPFH140N3-AR FH Torque Wrench
QSPFH200N4-AR FH Torque Wrench
QSPFH280N3-AR FH Torque Wrench
Preset Interchange-able Head

Recommended Version

CSPFH25N3X10D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CSPFH50N3X12D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CSPFH50N3X15D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CSPFH100N3X15D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CSPFH140N3X15D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CSPFH200N3X19D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CSPFH280N3X22D-AR FH Torque Wrench
Type Model Name Description
Adjustable Ratchet Head
QLFH25N-AR FH Torque Wrench
QLFH50N-AR FH Torque Wrench
QLFH100N4-AR FH Torque Wrench
QLFH140N-AR FH Torque Wrench
QLFH200N4-AR FH Torque Wrench
QLFH280N-AR FH Torque Wrench
Adjustable Interchange-able Head
CLFH25NX10D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CLFH50NX12D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CLFH50NX15D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CLFH100NX15D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CLFH140NX15D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CLFH200NX19D-AR FH Torque Wrench
CLFH280NX22D-AR FH Torque Wrench
For torque specifications, click on link to basic wrench product page.
  1. CSP models are recommended for best delivery, versatility, and torque set security for assembly applications.
  2. T-FH256MC-AR is used only as spare parts kits. LS conversion version available upon request.
  3. Consult Tohnichi or your local Tohnichi dealer for assistance with initial order for optimal layout and setup of your FH system.
  4. PLC connection will be required to utilize multiple wrench set up and transmission of wrenches’ serial number.
  5. Tohnichi has acquired wireless certifications for USA, Canada and various countries worldwide. Please contact Tohnichi for confirmation of your country's wireless certification.
  6. FH-PCV Rubber Cover for FH transmitter has been discontinued

* Consult Tohnichi for limitations when using multiple wrenches to one receiver.

Previous version transmitter (top) and current "-AR" version (below)
  RF Transceiver RF Terminal RF Setting Box
Model Name T-FH256MC R-FH256 SB-FH256
Frequency 2.402GHz – 2.479GHz
Group Channel G000 - 255
ID 3 digits (numeric), 7 digits (alphanumeric) N/A
Signal output N/A No-Voltage Contact
Power Supply DC 1.5V (AAA Alkaline battery) AC 100V – 240V DC 9V (Alkaline dry cell)
Antenna Chip antenna Dipole Antenna
Operating Temperature range 0 – 45°C
Operating distance Approx. 10 – 20m (The operating distance may shorten depending the operation environment.)