DECA2 / DECA Torque Attachments

Multiplies tightening torque by 10 times. Comes with a calibration certificate. DECA450N to DECA3000N models were upgraded to the DECA450N2 to DECA3000N2 models in the DECA2 series on March 22, 2021.

  • Designed to multiply the output torque by 10 times of the input torque so the operator can work alone even when a large torque is required.
  • With the cylinder-shaped compact design, it can be used for tightening work in confined spaces.
  • DECA2 series models (DECA450N2 to DECA3000N2) are up to 30% lighter and have an overall length that is up to 22% shorter than their DECA predecessors. They have a ratchet mechanism as a newly added feature, to improve workability in confined spaces.
  • The DECA series (DECA4500N to DECA18000N) comes with a quick-turn device on the input side for more rapid operation.
  • A series ranges from small to large, to cover varied applications.
  • The reaction arm (=universal arm, sold separately) adapts to various shapes of applications.
  • All models come with a calibration certificate.



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