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Privacy Policy

1. Applicable Extent

This privacy policy applies to users’ personal information that is gathered from their use of the website of Tohnichi America Corporation (“Tohnichi”). Tohnichi does not assume responsibility for safeguarding personal information on any other website linked to this website.

2. Personal Information

Personal information gathered through use of this website is defined as information, such as the following examples, which could identify an individual.

  • Name, date of birth, gender, occupation, phone number, address, email address, etc.
  • Information that could identify a specific individual when matched with other information.
3. Collection, Purpose of Use, Provision to a Third Party

Tohnichi may require personal information within the extent necessary when a user contacts Tohnichi with an inquiry or request for materials. Personal information that is received shall be used only for the following purposes.

  • To reply appropriately to the user’s inquiry (regarding Tohnichi products, services or other relevant information).
  • To make proposals that could improve a user’s business, and to provide information on new products.

Tohnichi will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party except on the following occasions.

  • In the event of a need to disclose it to a Tohnichi-affiliated company or distributor in order to make an appropriate response.
  • In the event of a need to disclose it, within the extent necessary, to a company entrusted with operations or a business partner with whom a confidentiality agreement has been signed.
  • In the event of being required to do so by law, ordinance or regulation.
4. Requests Regarding the Disclosure of Personal Information, and Treatment of Complaints

In the event of a request to confirm, correct, delete or make an addition to personal information managed by Tohnichi, Tohnichi will first verify whether the request indeed comes from the individual whose personal information it is, and will then act appropriately.

5. Other Relevant Considerations

Tohnichi may, when circumstances warrant, make modifications to the method of handling personal information as set out on this webpage.

6. Contact

To make an inquiry concerning Tohnichi’s handling of personal information, contact Tohnichi America Corporation at 1-847-947-8560.

7. Access Log

For the purposes of website maintenance, damage prevention, and usage statistical analysis, Tohnichi uses an access log to store the information of those who access this website. Although the access log contains domain names, IP addresses, types of browsers, access dates, and the like, Tohnichi does not use such information to match it to personal information or to identify specific individuals, except to investigate the cause of damage or to improve this website.

8. SSL

This website has adopted SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology, so that users may feel secure when entering their private information. With SSL technology, data is encrypted in the computer being used for data entry, and only after encryption is it transmitted to the computer network where it will be recorded.

9. Cookies

Cookies (data identifying a user’s personal computer) may be transferred and recorded on a hard disk, to facilitate the user’s browsing when revisiting this website.

This website may use cookies to collect webpage usage history when users visit this website so that they will not have to retype the same information during each visit.

Cookies will not be used to obtain personal information. Users are able to set their computers to reject cookie receipts. However, in that case, this website may be unable to provide some services that would otherwise be available.

10. EU-based visitors only
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