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Ratchet head QH6D (accessory) connected to CES5NX6D
CES, Small Capacity Digital Torque Wrench
new TME3-G
TME3-G Digital Torque Meter
new RRK
Ratchet Repair Kit
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Count Clicks • Prevent Over Torque • Verify Manual Tightening • Mark Fasteners • Detect Double Tightening

Torque Handbook Vol. 10 (2024)

Tohnichi Torque Handbook

  • Torque Theory and Technical Guides
  • Maintenance and Usage
  • Product Specifications

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Discover the Legacy of Tohnichi:  75 Years of Torque Tool Excellence

 In 1949, amidst an era when the concept of quality control was still taking shape in Japan’s manufacturing landscape, Tohnichi Manufacturing emerged with a clear vision. Recognizing the pivotal role of precise screw tightening in ensuring product quality, Tohnichi pioneered the nation’s first torque wrench.

Since those early days, the significance of torque control has only magnified across a multitude of industries, with automotive manufacturing standing as a prime example. Over the ensuing decades, Tohnichi has steadfastly evolved, emerging as the foremost authority in torque technology.

Today, as we celebrate our 75th anniversary, Tohnichi remains synonymous with precision, reliability, and innovation in the realm of torque products. Join us as we reflect on our rich history and look forward to a future defined by unparalleled excellence in torque tool solutions.


Tohnichi Services

Tohnichi tools are built to last through years of rigorous industrial use, and even longer with periodic maintenance.

We will guide you in selecting the proper tools to fit your needs. From torque product demonstration to technical support, along with calibrations and repairs – we’re here to maximize your benefits when you choose Tohnichi for your torque tool needs.

Tohnichi America
Pre Sales Services

  • Open Showroom & Torque Lab
  • Product Application Assistance
  • Demonstrations
  • Learning Seminars
  • Specials Drawing & Technical Assistance
  • Site Surveys & Recommendations
  • Product Videos
  • Torque information
  • Authorized Dealer Network for Canada, USA, Mexico, Central & South America 
  • Satellite Office: Georgia
After Sales Services

  • Repair and Parts Support
  • Calibration & Torque Set Services
  • On Site Training and Set up Assistance
  • Customized Repair Training
  • Technical Support & Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Multi Language Operation Manuals & Support Materials
  • Remote Video Training & Support
Tohnichi Mfg Co Ltd
Product Services

  • Research and Development System
  • Durability Studies
  • Torque Measurement Studies
  • Studies on Screw Tightening Reliability
  • Custom Products
  • Specialty Heads
  • Torque Software Solutions
  • Product improvement programs
Worldwide Services

  • International Subsidiaries
  • Europe/China/USA
  • Worldwide Authorized Dealer Network
  • Premier Brand
  • Seminars & Factory Tours
  • Technical Laboratory & Showroom
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