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Tohnich Handbook

New Torque Handbook Vol. 9 (2019)

  • Torque Theory and Technical Guides
  • Maintenance and Usage
  • Product Specifications
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The Tohnichi TorqueWrench is not justanother Wrench

About 1.5 million final tightening operations, with zero human tightening errors!

Our tightening assurance system eliminates various mistakes that occur during bolt tightening operations, and it even advises users how to perform tightening operations properly.

This is what one of our satisfied manufacturing customer claims two and a half years after beginning a Tohnichi's tightening assurance system. The system has reduced human tightening errors in our factory to zero and has ensured proper control over all torque operations. Tohnichi's products are a requirement to prevent a wide range of problems.

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We service our wrenches here in the USA

Tohnichi tools are built to last through years of rigorous industrial use, and even longer with periodic maintenance.

We will guide you in selecting the proper tools to fit your needs. From torque product demonstration to technical support, along with calibrations and repairs - we're here to maximize your benefits when you choose Tohnichi for your torque tool needs.

Tohnichi America

Pre Sales Services
  • Open Showroom & Torque Lab
  • Product Application Assistance
  • Demonstrations
  • Learning Seminars
  • Specials Drawing and Technical Assistance
  • Site Surveys & Recommendations
  • Product Videos
  • Torque information
  • Authorized Dealer Network for Canada, USA, Mexico, Central & South America
  • Satellite Office: Georgia
After Sales Services
  • Repair and Parts Support
  • Calibration & Torque Set Services
  • On Site Training and Set up Assistance
  • Customized Repair Training
  • Technical Support & Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Multi Language Operation Manuals & Support Materials
  • Remote Video Training & Support

Tohnichi MFG Co LTD

Product Services
  • Research and Development System
  • Durability Studies
  • Torque Measurement Studies
  • Studies on Screw Tightening Reliability
  • Custom products
  • Specialty heads
  • Torque Software Solutions
  • Product improvement programs
Worldwide Services
  • International Subsidiaries
  • Europe / China / USA
  • Worldwide Authorized Dealer Network
  • Premier Brand
  • Seminars & Factory Tours
  • Technical Laboratory & Showroom

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