error-proofing hose clamp pliers

Error Proofing Hose Clamp Pliers

  • Error-proofing system to pull out a hose clip holder.
  • Prevent missed installation of a hose clip with count management functions.
  • Just grasping the grip of the tool does not output the signal unless the clipping holder process is completed.
  • Available as LS limit switch version with cord, or wireless with choice of 2 different module types: FH or FHSLS
    • FH features a metal case and external antenna, with AAA batteries. No optional protective cover available for this module
    • FHSLS features a hard plastic case, an internal antenna, and a coin battery. An optional protective cover is available
  • Basic or Long Nose Versions.
  • Longer handle version available as special order upon request.
  • Features long nose or basic ends which can be changed out with interchangeable components (sold separately).
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