Fcon Bolt Tension Stabilization

  • Bolt tension stabilization creates highly consistent fastener tension. Helps to stabilize bolt tension by applying some on the bolt.
  • It’s easy to use Fcon. Simply apply some on the thread.
  • Fcon uses an axial tension stabilizer to control friction on the interface between the bolt surface and the bearing surface and to also control torque coefficient fluctuations.
  • Axial tension is stabilized.
  • Variation of torque coefficient can be reduced by less than up to 1/5 compared to that of machine oil.
  • Less fluctuation of torque coefficient when retightening.
  • Stable torque coefficient when temperature changes.
  • Performance of loosening characteristics is more than machine oil.
  • Extremely small fluctuation of torque coefficient to the variation of speed.
  • Patent Registration Number 5308608 (Japan); Patent Registration Number EP 1357174 (EU).
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