TDMS-E Software

  • Package software that helps standard values management and early error detection.
  • All data can be managed in a master data file consisting of Excel® and torque data and can be easily monitored and stored.
  • Excel® uses measured tightening data to automatically calculate N, X-bar, σ, cp, and cpk. The Excel file can be output.
  • The calculated values for N, X-bar, σ, cp and cpk are used to rapidly detect any abnormalities.
  • The version was upgraded to Ver. 3.0 in 2020. In addition to the “CEM3-BTS / CEM3-G-BTS” digital torque wrenches with Bluetooth, the “CEM3-BTD / CEM3-G-BTD” allows two-way communication in tightening work, “STC2-BT / STC2-G-BT” digital torque drivers, “CTB2-BT / CTB2-G-BT” digital torque wrenches for re-tightening. “Specialized TDMS-E / TDMS-E+TAC-TPC” that can be used by the “ST3-BT / ST3-G-BT” for nut runner torque checkers can also be custom-modified when ordered. NOTE: CEM-BTA with Angle Models are now compatible with this Version 3.0 software.


※Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft.※Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft.※Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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