MNTD Error Proofing Screwdriver

  • Marking Torque Screwdriver:

    The first of its kind! This innovative torque screwdriver puts an ink mark on the screw head to indicate that it has been tightening to the correct torque.

  • When the set torque is achieved, its integrated maker automatically puts an ink mark as evidence of proper tightening on the heads of small screws and bolts. This makes it easy to determine whether tightening has been missed by just visually confirming the presence or absence of marks.
  • It is common to use a pen to mark work after tightening with a torque screwdriver, but with a Tohnichi marking tool, the two actions are combined into one, improving productivity and reducing the chance of error.
  • When set torque is achieved, marking is done automatically, eliminating the possibility of an operator otherwise forgetting to mark work.
  • The clearly identifiable quick-drying ink mark provides evidence of tightening to the required torque, and this evidence remains even after manufacturing and shipping.
  • One marker (sold separately) can mark about 1,000 times. Selection of two colors: red and blue.
  • Marker positioning is adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of bolts and screws. (* For further details, refer to the PDF catalog.)
  • The lineup includes a total of 7 types of Phillips (+) and hex bits for MNTD series products. (Sold separately)
  • A non-rotary slip limiting torque screwdriver which is the same mechanism as Tohnichi’s Models LTD/NTD series.
  • Markings on bolt and screw heads can be detected in image form using an industrial-level CCD camera, permitting unmanned inspections.
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