TW2 Adjustable Click Type Torque Wrench with Multiplier and Stand

Torque wrenches for easy and accurate tightening of wheel nuts of large vehicles such as trucks, tractor-trailers, and buses, using just one worker, thereby cutting down on labor costs.

  • The TW2 series includes a dedicated calibrated torque wrench with multiplier and rolling  application stand. Tasks that generally require two operators can be done with just one person.
  • Built-in multiplier mechanism generates about three times the power, making it possible to tighten the wheel nuts of a large vehicle with just one hand.
  • The adjustable stand makes positioning to the tightening location easy
  • Lower price point than powered alternatives .A power source (pneumatic or electrical) not required.
  • Torque checking and data capture can be performed easily at the same time with the SPINTORK ST1000N3. ( Sold Separately)
  • ±5% Accuracy and bi-direction tightening.
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