CES-G Small Capacity Interchangeable Head Digital Torque Wrench

  • Torque measurement range is 0.5 to 10 Nm (*) Tohnichi’s smallest digital torque wrench (* 2 models in the series) The optional Bluetooth module makes data management on a PC easy!
  • By monitoring torque and angle, CES/CES-G prevents the outflow of defective screw tightening products.
  • Equipped with high brightness LED. You can check the current tightening status and pass/fail judgment from various angles. The high-brightness LED makes it possible to work in dark places.
  • Abnormal tightening detection function: By monitoring torque and angle, abnormal tightening such as “galling”, “missing part”, “forgotten tightening (detection of double tightening)”, “O-ring stuck” can be detected, and defective products can be detected. prevent spillage.
  • Data transmission/reception function: Output memory data via USB. Data input tool “DtRcv (data receiver)” that enables data management in Excel(R) can be used free of charge. By installing an optional Bluetooth module, tightening and inspection data can be transmitted wirelessly to a PC. *The extension module M-CES-BT can be easily installed by the customer.
  • By using the tightening data management system “TDMS” (sold separately), you can send the conditions for each tightening part to the torque wrench, and send the pass/fail data after tightening to the PC. (TDMS will be upgraded to Ver. 3.10 on June 2023. It is compatible with the small capacity digital torque wrench CES series (when M-CES-BT is attached).)
  • Sold Separately: BC-3-G Charger, #586 USB Cable TypeC-C, #587 USB TypeC-A
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