Torque conversion

TME2 Torque Meter

RoHS Digital Direct Reading Pole Clamping


  • Digital torque meter with data processing function.
  • Digital, bidirectional torque. Accuracy ±1% + 1 digit
  • Equipped with 4 poles that can change positions according to the object's shape and hold it firmly during testing.
  • Up to 99 data readings can be saved in the internal memory.
  • Saved data can be transferred to PC or printer though RS232C output (equipped as standard).
  • Analog output terminal (approx.±4V) allows connection to recorder, etc.
  • Angle-adjustable display with a large fluorescent indicator panel gives greater visibility.
  • Power source: AC100 to 240V ± 10%. Battery pack also available as an option.
  • With CE marking
  • Can be used in the EU as well.
  • We have experience manufacturing products with American units of measurement (lbf, in, etc.) for Japan's aircraft manufacturing industry and for export to the U.S., and products with metric units of measurement (kgf, cm, etc.) for export to other parts of the world.
  • Excel Receiver software is a data input tool for Excel® data management. It can be downloaded for free.
    *Note: Excel® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

Standard accessories

AC Adapter (BA-4 model), Rubber nails, Support plate for fixing (for 2TME2).


product dimensions

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