Torque conversion

CSP / CSP-MH Preset Click Type Torque Wrench

RoHS Assembly Preset Interchangeable Head


  • Interchangeable head and preset torque wrench.
  • Preset interchangeable head torque wrenches
  • The set torque cannot be changed without using a special tool (sold separately), preventing the operator from changing torque by mistake.
  • A wide selection of interchangeable heads, letting you choose the right one for the task and reducing overall purchasing costs.
  • A clear "click" sound signals tightening completion upon reaching the set torque.
  • CSP25N3X10D CSP50N3X12D, CSP50N3X15D, CSP100N3X15D, and CSP140N3X15D can be used with AH adjustable open end interchangeable heads.
  • Applicable for international use including the EU region.
  • Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type II Class B.
  • Tohnichi's interchangeable head torque wrenches can be used with our interchange head lineup which offers the best selection in the world, making these wrenches ideal for your work.


product dimensions CSP1.5N4~12N4 product dimensions CSP25N3~140N3 product dimensions CSP-MH, CSP200N3~420N