Torque conversion

QSPLS / CSPLS / QRSPLS / SPLS(MH) / RSPLS / SPLS-N / BQSPLS / BCSPLS Torque Verification Wrench

RoHS Assembly Preset Limit Switch


  • Verification torque wrench with limit switch output to eliminate missed tightening.
  • Preset style torque wrench with limit switch module and cable attached. Available in a wide variety of torque wrench styles.
  • Upon reaching the set torque, the torque wrench "clicks" to complete tightening while the limit switch simultaneously sends out a contact signal.
  • A limit switch can be connected to a CNA-4mk3 count checker (sold separately) to easily create a tightening count management system.
  • Signals from the limit switch are captured on a programmable logic controller (PLC) or similar device to establish a Tightening Assurance System using assembly line interlock controls.
  • Applicable for international use including the EU region.
  • Compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class B calibration procedures.
  • CSPLS series products are interchangeable head torque wrenches. A variety of head style are available and sold separately.


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