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ST3-G(-BT) Torque Wrench Checker

RoHS For checking Digital Rotary Type Direct Reading Re-chargeable


ST3 is available in SI units in Japan. ST3-G CPT-G series products are manufactured for the global market and offer a selection of SI, metric and American units of measurement.

  • Digital torque checkers. The world's most compact rechargeable rotary torque measuring equipment. (Patented)
  • Nutrunner torque checks (routine inspections) can prevent the production of imperfectly tightened items.
  • Lets operators perform torque checks (routine inspections) of multi-spindle tightening equipment while tightening at the same time. Connecting the optional extension bar, which has the same length as the ST3, to spindles not installed with Spintork® makes it easy to check torque without removing the nutrunner from multi-spindle tightening equipment. This reduces steps in the manufacturing process.
  • Nutrunner inline measurement is possible. If the model is Bluetooth® equipped, torque checking can be cordless, improving workability.
  • ST3 and ST3-G are equipped with an angle sensor. If tightening is done with a handheld nutrunner attached to the ST3 or ST3-G, torque checking and angle checking can be done at the same time as tightening operations. (*Note: Angle measurements are measurements from set snug torque values.)
  • When the supplied USB connecting cable is connected to a PC, tightening torque and angle data determined through measurements using a ST3 or ST3-G SpinTork Rotary Peak Torque Meter can be spread and controlled in Excel format using ExRcv for ST3. (ExRcv for ST3 is available for downloading free of charge.)
  • The ST3-BT and ST3-G-BT can be used to create torque and angle graphs. With a Bluetooth®-equipped ST3-BT, torque and angle can be measured and recorded continuously, and tightened-to-completion data is transmitted wirelessly to a PC. Then after ExRcv for ST3 spreads the data on an Excel file, graphs displaying tightening torque and angle values can be created. (*Note: You need to have your own software for Bluetooth® signal reception.) (*Note: When the ST3 is not the -BT version, memory stores only angle data at time of recording and maximum torque, and graphs cannot be created.)
  • Bit types and small square drive models have been added to the lineup. Newly added: ST15N3-6.35, which can be attached to Hex 6.35 bit tools (not available on older ST2 series), and ST50N3-3/8 9.53 square drive (smaller than previous version).
  • As of October 2016, ST3-BT and ST3-G-BT series devices can be used in Japan, the U.S. Canada, the EU, Thailand, Mexico, Vietnam, Brazil , China and Taiwan. For other countries, please contact us to enquire.
  • Excel Receiver software is a data input tool for Excel® data management. It can be downloaded for free. *Note: Excel® is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.
  • A Tightening Data Management System can be created for Bluetooth-equipped ST3-BT / ST3-G-BT series devices, through use of the special custom-modified TDMS / TDMSHT.

Standard accessories

Quick battery charger BC-4-2, power source conversion plug, power source plug for long-term storage, carrying case, instruction manual, USB connecting cable (No.384; not supplied for –BT models), calibration certificate


product dimensions ST10N3(-BT)~ST1000N3 (-BT) product dimensions ST15N3-6.35 (-BT)

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