Torque conversion

BTM/B-BTM Tension Meter

Dial Indicating Direct Reading


  • Hydraulic bolt tension meter for torque coefficient evaluation or strength test of bolts.
  • Standard measuring device to test bolt and tightening characteristics.
  • With torque wrenches, bolt strength and torque coefficient of the bolt can be tested for variety of use.
  • Hydraulic mechanism is superior in durability, and the internal shock absorber allows for impact wrench use.
  • B-BTM provides one set of bush and plate as standard accessory which matches the standard bolt to be measured.
  • Compact and lightweight BTM400K can be carried to the worksite such as construction field to check the bolt tension of torsia high tension bolts.

Standard accessories

Plates, bushings, keys for plates, bolts for plates, carrying case, Certificate of Calibration.
Plates and bushings for M20 and M22 Torsia type bolts are standard accessories for BTM400K(1 each).
Plates and bushings of all applicable bolts for each B-BTM models are standard accessories.


product dimensions BTM400K product dimensions B-BTM13K~400K

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