Torque conversion

NTD Preset Type Torque Screwdriver

RoHS Assembly Preset Non-rotary Slip


  • Preset Limiting Torque Screwdriver (Non-rotary slip)
  • Preset style is ideal for applications which require the same torque value such as assembly work.
    • Preset type has no external scale; requires adjusting key and torque tester to set torque.
    • Torque setting service can be requested for a nominal fee.
  • Features enhanced reliability and durability with Tohnichi's toggle clutch torque mechanism.
  • Upon reaching the set torque, user will sense the limit. The tool will spring back slightly and user must stop turning.
    • If user continues past the limit, tool will continue to apply additional torque.
    • NTD is non-rotary slip. See RTD/RNTD models for rotary slip feature which prevents overtorque.
  • Accepts standard 1/4" root hex bits (sold separately)
  • NTD500CN and NTD1000CN come with an auxiliary handle.
  • Counterclockwise tightening model available upon request.
  • For Adjustable version, see LTD Models
  • Applicable for international use including the EU region. Compliant with calibration procedures of ISO 6789 Type II Class E.
torque animation The NTD series is equipped with Tohnichi's own toggle mechanism for torque control.
The bit on the picture is optional.

Standard accessories

  • Comes with resin handle (for NTD120CN and RNTD260CN only).


carousel 1 NTD60CN (overall length 95 mm) carousel 2 NTD120CN (overall length 110 mm) carousel 3 NTD500CN with auxiliary handle (supplied) attached