Torque conversion

CSPLD / CSPLDC Torque Verification Wrench

RoHS Tightening torque data management Preset Interchangeable Head Judgement Wired


Wired Data-transfer torque wrench, CSPLD and CSPLDC connecting with Tohnichi CD5 display, OK/NG judgment LED lights can be performed on each operation.

  • Specialized version of CSP Click Torque Wrench that captures actual applied torque value.
  • Click wrench has torque sensor that is hard wired to torque display Model CD5.
  • When wrench clicks at set torque, the applied torque value is shown on the display.
  • Requires CD5 Compact Display to complete system; CSPLD or CSPLDC wrench and CD5 are calibrated together at time of order. Calibration is required if wrench is changed or torque setting changed.
  • Large LED judgment lights confirm OK-Blue or Hi/Lo NG-Red on the wrench for confirmation by user on the wrench.
  • No batteries required. Power is supplied from the CD5 Display unit connection.
  • Accepts Tohnichi Standard Interchangeable Head Types available in a wide range of styles and sizes.(see Accessories below)
  • Compact Metal Module Case.
  • Standard Series, covers range of 2N.m to 280N.m.
    • More than 280N.m size is special ordered upon request.
  • Standard cables included: 30cm Coiled & 3m Straight Cables. Additional cable options are available.
  • CSPLD has a fixed cable on wrench to secure wrench to station. CSPLDC features Quick Connect Cable Style which allows for easy exchange or replacement of the cable.


No dimensions offered.