CSP6N Small Capacity Interchangeable-head Preset Torque Wrench

  • High accuracy and compact design give this Torque Wrench multiple uses.
  • Obstruction avoidance: The slimmer body, smaller head and just half the swing angle greatly decrease tool obstruction. This permits torque operations in confined spaces that were impossible to tackle before.
  • Accurate tightening: Slim pressure bar and partial knurled finish provide visual and touch aids for accurate positioning. If torque wrench force is not applied at the proper position correct torque will not be detected.
  • Responsive clicking sensation: Internal linking design has been improved, offering an easily recognizable clicking sound when set torque is reached. The responsive clear click improves tightened-to-completion sensation.
  • QH6D and SH6D series interchangeable heads now have much small exterior dimensions.
  • 48-tooth gear (QH6D): Uses 48-tooth ratchet. Prevents failed ratcheting due to half the conventional swing arc (7.5°), and offers rapid tightening.
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