Torque conversion

BQSP Preset Click Type Torque Wrench

RoHS Preset Ratchet Head Bi-Direction


  • Click type torque wrench effective for bi-directional use.
  • Bi-directional version of QSP model.
  • Preset style.
  • Tightening for both directions (clockwise / counter-clockwise) available on one torque wrench.
  • The set torque cannot be changed without using a special tool (sold separately), preventing the operator from changing torque by mistake.
  • A clear "click" sound signals tightening completion upon reaching the set torque.
  • Only the BQSP400N model has a metal handle with a knurled finish on the grip and the other models have a resin grip.
  • Applicable for international use including the EU region.
  • Compliant with ISO 6789 Type II Class B calibration procedures.


product dimensions BQSP10N~BQSP300N product dimensions BQSP400N