Torque conversion

CEM-BTA Digital Torque Wrench with Bluetooth & Torque and Angle

RoHS For inspections Digital Interchangeable Head Direct Reading Re-chargeable


  • Digital Torque Wrench with Torque & Angle Monitoring
    • Angle monitoring at the peak tightening torque or measured torque value
  • Judgement function by Torque and Angle
  • Torque Value and Angle Data are transfered by Bluetooth
    • Wireless duplex communication sends Hi/Lo limit torque and angle settings to the wrench then sends the collected data back to PC
  • Basic functions of CEM3-G Model with additional features of Angle detection and Bluetooth communications

For Assembling

Monitoring excessive or extremely small angle rotation during the re-tightening inspection will provide evidence for correct data verification.

CEM-BTA for inspection
CEM-BTA for inspection

For Tightening

By detecting final angle at the completion of the tightening operation, it is possible to eliminate tightening errors caused by provisional tightening, the tightening application or double tightening.

The set value can be changed by command input from PC/Tablet depending on each tightening operation.

CEM-BTA for tightening
CEM-BTA for tightening

Standard accessories

Standard Accessories: Battery pack (BP-5), QH head, Quick battery charger (BC-3-G)


  1. Trigger torque can be set between 5% of the maximum torque and up to the maximum.
  2. Trigger torque set below the minimum torque range of the model is not guaranteed.
  3. Applicable for use with Tohnichi Software: TDMS Tightening Data Managment in Measurment Mode. Ask about custom software to fit your specific needs.



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