R-CM Wireless Receiver with Interchangeable Modules

Error Proofing system Receiver Box Model R-CM with interchangeable modules.

  • R-CM can accept three different types of modules that allow it to receive signals from a variety of Tohnichi wireless transmitting torque wrenches: FH for Basic click counting, FHD with additional applied torque data, and BLA from the solar-powered transmitter.
  • Both backward and forward compatible the R-CM works with previous FH / FHD/ BLA transmitters as well as the newest generation transmitters: T-FHM.
    • Just change the mode setting on the R-CM to receive transmissions from T-FH256 transmitters.
  • Simple to install, the module press fits into place inside the R-CM Receiver with no tools required. When you decide to upgrade to FHD with torque data, you may purchase just the M-FHD module to transform the R-CM into the correct receiver for the FHD wrenches.
  • Improved Wireless communications:
    • Interchangeable Modules feature a diversity antenna for expanded communication performance.
    • Communication setup can be easily performed wirelessly. Using the setting box SB-FH2 and setting software, R-CM communication settings can be easily performed wirelessly. * Excluding BL. A torque wrench equipped with a transmitter can be set wirelessly by operating the keys on the R-CM. * The setting software can be downloaded for free from global-tohnichi.com.
    • Superior Communications with “wraparound radio waves”– not interrupted by possible obstructing objects.
    • Improve Communications distance: 10-30 Meters.
    • Battery Level Alert.
  • R-CM now includes basic count checker functions for one wireless torque wrench or driver so you can count the number of clicks to prevent tightening errors. (CNA-4mk2 Count Checker Box still available for additional tracking requirements.)
  • Improved expandability with additional accessories: IO-CM and BZ-CM and CNA-4mk3
    • When the optional contact box IO-CM is connected, (for FHM / FH), the contact output is doubled from 4 points to 8 points and the input is doubled from 2 points to 4 points.
    •  Connecting the optional large volume buzzer BZ-CM increases the volume from 75dB to 95dB.
      • The large LED display on the BZ-CM makes it easy to understand the judgment results even in remote locations. 
    • Use the CNA-4mk3 Count Checker to count clicks and alert users with different alarms for up to 4 wrenches to keep your tightening process error-free.
  • Traceability is connected. The torque wrench transmitter can be set with a 7-digit alphanumeric character or a 3-digit ID, so the torque wrench used for tightening can be specified, which leads to traceability.
  • The power source can be hard-wired, or with the use of an AC Adapter, BA.
  • Even if you are already using the R-FH256 receiver/T-FH2356 Transmitter system, you can integrate the R-CM by changing the communication mode.
  • Note: new transmitters T-FHM require SB-FH2 to convert modes to work with previous R-FH256 receivers. The default setting is to communicate with the R-CM Receiver.
  • Compatible with previous transmitter models: T-FH256MC, T-FHSLS, T-FHP, RTDFH / RNTDFH.
  • Flexible Ordering Options: Individual Components, or as a Set
  • Example: R-FHSET-AC includes R-CM, M-FH, and Power Supply

Receiver Sets

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