FDD-AD Wireless Data Transfer Torque Wrench with Angle

Tightening torque and angle data are automatically transferred with “click” when clicked. Tightening reliability is improved by advanced pass / fail judgment.

  • Wireless transmission of tightening torque and angle data when clicked. * The angle is θ from the preset trigger torque to the click.
  • Tightening torque data and angle data are judged by the receiver R-CM, and the judgment result is displayed by the FDD-AD pass / fail judgment LED.
  • Settings can be made easily from a computer. The setting software can be downloaded free of charge from the Tohnichi website. The setting box (SB-FH2) is connected to the PC with an RS232C cable, and the setting box (SB-FH2) is wirelessly connected to FD / FDD (transmitter) and R-CM + M-FD (receiver).
  • The marking torque wrench “MQSPFDD-AD” equipped with an FD / FDD transmitter can be confirmed at a glance even after the post-process or after shipment.
  • Tohnichi’s interchangeable torque wrench can be used with Tohnichi’s “replacement head”, which boasts the world’s largest selection. We realize the best work.
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