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RF Wireless Type Torque Wrench with Double Tightening Detection

RoHS Prevents human tightening errors Single Form Replaceable Head Wireless


Increased Error Proofing is realized with Double Tightening Detection Function

  • Basic FH models confirm the required torque set has been acheived by sending a confirmation signal to a receiver box. The system counts and tracks the number of fasteners that have been tightened (Via a PLC or Tohnichi CNA-4mk3 Count Checker). The possibility still exists for the user to click the same fastener more than once.(currently controlled at reciever with a double tightening timer). Now with FHW, the wrench is able to determine if the fastener has already been tightened and gives an alert to the user.
  • Double tightening will be judged as tightening twice. NG will be displayed and the LED light will show red.
  • The large LED makes it easy for the operator to check the communication status and detection of double-tightening.
  • The same receiver (R-FH256), wireless CH setting box (SB-FH256), and multi-contact box (I / O-FH256) as the FH type wireless Pokayoke torque wrench can be used. The CSPFHW Double tightening detection wrench can be added to the current FH system to increase error proofing and save costs. *When changing the setting using the dedicated software, the version of the setting BOX requires SB-FH256 of "Ver.V01A or V10 or later".
  • Additional traceability can be added by setting a 7-digit alphanumeric or 3-digit ID to the torque wrench, the torque wrench used for tightening can be specified.. *ID settings can be made with dedicated software. The dedicated software can be downloaded free of charge by going to
  • Battery life lasts for approx 150,000 clicks/tightening operations with one AAA alkaline battery. For example, even if the number of uses is 3,600 / day, it can be used for two months or more, so the battery cost is low and the need for replacement is eliminated.
  • CSPFHW features inchangeable heads which can easily be exchanged or replaced as needed. A wide variety of styles are available including ratcheting square drive, open end, and ring heads. See Accessories link at bottom of this page for complete selection.
  • As of May 2019, CSPFHW complies with Japanese communication standard (TELEC). September 2019 available for USA


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