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R-CM Wireless Module Exchangeable Receiver

RoHS Prevents Human Tightening Errors RS232C Input / Output No-voltage Contact Output Wireless


  • Three types of wireless modules can be replaced by the customer. Compatible with many wireless devices at low cost without waste.
  • The wireless module exchangeable receiver R-CM can be replaced by the customer. Three types of R-CM wireless modules are available: FHM / FH, FD / FDD (FDD-AD), and BL. Since it is possible to replace it by yourself, there is no need to replace the receiver body, so the replacement cost can be reduced. For example, you can upgrade from the FHM / FH series that transmits a tightening completion signal to the FD / FDD series receiver that transmits tightening torque data at a minimum cost.
  • Wireless modules M-FH and M-FD use a diversity antenna to improve communication performance.
  • Communication settings can be easily performed wirelessly. Using the setting box SB-FH2 and setting software, R-CM communication settings can be easily performed wirelessly. * Excluding BL. A torque wrench equipped with a transmitter can be set wirelessly by operating the keys on the R-CM. * The setting software can be downloaded for free from the download below.
  • Even with a single R-CM, the number of tightening times for a torque wrench or torque driver can be managed without CNA-4mk3. (Simple Error Proofing counter function)
  • Improved extensibility. When the optional contact box IO-CM is connected, in the case of FHM / FH, the contact output is doubled from 4 points to 8 points and the input is doubled from 2 points to 4 points. In addition, connecting an optional large volume buzzer BZ-CM increases the volume from 75dB to 95dB. In addition, the large LED display on the BZ-CM makes it easy to understand the judgment results even in remote locations. An Error Proofing system can be easily constructed by connecting to the optional Error Proofing counter "Poca Patrol" CNA-4mk3.
  • Traceability is connected. The torque wrench transmitter can be set with a 7-digit alphanumeric character or a 3-digit ID, so the torque wrench used for tightening can be specified, which leads to traceability.
  • Even if you have already built an Error Proofing system using the R-FH256 receiver, you can use it by changing the communication mode of the R-CM to the old communication mode, so you can reduce the waste of assets associated with updating the receiver. * The communication distance is about 10-20m, and there is no battery voltage monitoring function. New and old communication modes can be changed wirelessly by key operation of the R-CM alone or the setting box SB-FH2.
  • T-FH256MC, T-FHSLS, T-FHP, RTDFH / RNTDFH will be in the old communication mode.


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